(Thanks to the participants for the use of their data) 


The families included herein are listed geographically by country, and for the United States by state. The articles in each geography are organized around the name of their earliest known Burgess Project ancestor. The information about each line has been developed from the background data supplied by each participant on his family, supplemented by independent genealogical research. Most of the female children of a particular individual are omitted, since our Y-surname project is focused on direct-male descents. An asterisk (*) in front of a name indicates that the individual is covered in another paragraph down below.

The haplogroups listed for each family are mostly computer projections generated by Family Tree DNA; a few have been verified through actual testing, and are so noted. The commonest and most recently established of all the groups, R1b1a2, represents the underlying populations of northern Spain, France, and the British Isles. The second most common group, I, derives from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The others listed are relatively uncommon.

None of the genealogical data listed here should be regarded as definitive, except where demonstrated and supported by DNA research.


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