Project News 21st Edition

Project News

This edition of the project newsletter is the first since the passing or our former project coordinator and founder Michael Burgess. The project direction remains the same, to shed light on the relationships that exist between the Burgess families and to localize their roots in Europe. The project has already come a long way, several large American Burgess genealogies are tested along multiple lines and a few back to near colonial times. Matches between these older genealogies suggest that we have found some root DNA signatures for the Burgess surname. One particular example is the line of Ralph Burgess of Cheshire that matches with the John Burgess line of New Zealand and William Burgess of Middlesex Massachusetts. The genealogies suggest that the common ancestor to these lines is over 300 years old and likely older.

I am working my way slowly through the data and will be reaching out to you from time to time to clarify some details on your genealogy. I recommend you post a simplified Gedcom to your FTDNA account with your paternal line. This is especially important for those who currently don't have a match. The best results from DNA testing come when they are within the context of a paper trail.

In order to enable a dynamic exchange of ideas. I have created a Facebook Group at the URL below:

I will be posting frequent updates and questions there, but will continue to publish newsletters like this one for all project members. 

I have had access to the project updates since about January and therefore do not have much to report at this time. Some slight changes have been made to the website in order to facilitate access. I have modified the menu structure to break down the Ancestral families by geographic region. Within each ancestral family page I have color coded in blue the DNA lines tested up through a common ancestor. In some pages where a break in the line is demonstrated by DNA tests I have used other colors. I plan on color coding the member Y-DNA results to show where the individual DNA markers differ from the modal values.

I will be adding external links to other Burgess genealogy websites, please share with me any websites you know of and I will consider them for inclusion.

I will not be actively updating the mtDNA side of the project at this time. I am not familiar with these tests beyond the basics. If members want me to post information on the Website I will do so on request.

I will no longer be posting articles specific to Wills and census information.  This information will be added where relevant to the Ancestral Family pages.

Further modifications will come to the menu structure as I work through the re-organization. I will also be re-posting the project conclusions when new findings come to light.

Project statistics:

Total members: 269
Y-DNA111=14, Y-DNA67=75, Y-DNA37=180, Y-DNA25=210, Y-DNA12=238

Y-DNA Matches (January - to date):

No significant finds for this report. I wanted to show the results below to illustrate two things, first how active the DNA testing is and second to show how even at 25 markers there can be random matching. In my opinion, the 37 marker results with a genetic distance of one are significant and should not be ignored even when the surname does not match.

Below are the recent matches reported by FTDNA. The results are presented by Ancestral family in bold, followed by the individual results. I have left out the matches where the project memebr is currently ungrouped and the surname does not match.  I will not be tracking 12 marker results unless they match another Burgess.

AF -James Burgess of Fayette Co., West Virginia
-one 25 marker-distance 0 with another surname

AF -James Burgess of Sussex Co., England
-one 25 marker-distance 2 with another surname

AF- John Burgess of Aberdeenshire Co., Scotland & John Burgess of Kincardineshire Co., Scotland
-one 37 marker-distance 2 with another surname (Haplotype extremely common)
-two 25 marker-distance 1 with other surnames
-two 25 marker-distance 2 with other surnames

AF-John Burgess of Rutherford Co., North Carolina
-one 37 marker-distance 1 with another surname
-one 37 marker-distance 2 with another surname
-one 37 marker-distance 3 with another surname

AF-William Burgess of Franklin Co., Alabama & William Burgess of 96 Dist., South Carolina
-two 25 marker-distance 2 with other surnames

AF-Thomas Burgess of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
-one 25 marker-distance 1 with another surname
-one 25 marker-distance 2 with another surname

AF-William Burgess of Franklin Co., Alabama & William Burgess of 96 Dist., South Carolina
-four 25 marker-distance 2 with other surnames

AF-William Burgess of Anne Arundel Co., Maryland
-one 25 marker-distance 2 with another surname


Eric Burgess
Burgess DNA project coordinator

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