Wickizer Surname DNA Project Report #3

Wickizer Surname DNA Project Report #3

Dear Cousins,

We have a new result to report for the Wickizer Surname DNA Project. The Y-chromosome DNA numbers of a descendant of Isaac Wickizer Sr., Conrad Sr.'s fifth son, have matched those of the other three participants in the project. This means that three branches of the family (out of five) have now been linked genetically to a common ancestor.

We're still looking for male offshoots of Abraham Wickiser and Jacob Wickizer to be tested, in order to secure the research on those branches.

We also just received the results of a 37-marker test from a descendant of Andrew Wickizer. This now gives us sufficient information to begin looking for possible cognate families named Weckesser, Werkheiser, Wacaster, or Waycaster, who might be related to the Wickizer line. We're convinced that at least some of these families are connected to ours.

Fortunately, the Y-chromosome number set for the Wickizer line is relatively uncommon, not matching the profile of any other family in the Family Tree DNA database. If we do get a match with a participant from one of these similar-sounding names, there'll be no question that we have a common male ancestor with that line.

Please check our website (www.millefleurs.tv, under the "Wickizer Genealogy" link) for the most recent updated information on the Project.


Mary Wickizer Burgess
Prof. Michael Burgess

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