Burgess Project Report #17


Burgess DNA Project Bulletin #17--Sept. 2006

Dear Cousins,

My apologies for the long delay in reporting. I spent the Spring and Summer months editing a line of books for Wildside Press, and had no time, alas, for anything else.

We now have 120 participants in the Burgess Surname and Related Families DNA Project, including the first family with a cognate name, Burgy. We also enrolled our first participant outside of North America and the British Isles. A hearty welcome to each of our new members.

I've just sent updated versions of the Project webpages to my webmistress. They'll be posted as soon as she can get to them. In the meantime, here's a summary of our major new finds:

The cluster of families centered around William Burgess of Middlesex Co., MA, William Burgess of Hartford Co., CT, and Ralph Burgess of Cheshire, England, has now added a fourth random match: John Burgess of the Canterbury Region, New Zealand. This line also derives originally from Cheshire. It's beginning to appear as if the Cheshire Burgesses may well develop into one of the largest Burgess families in the British Isles.

Descendants of Thomas Burgess Sr. of Scott Co., KY, and John R. Burgess of Clay Co., AL, have randomly matched; we're doing enhancements of both tests to make certain the match holds.

The families of John Burgess of Henry Co., VA, and Green Burgess of Williamson Co., TN, have randomly matched. Here we've already made the enhancements, and the match is solid. The Green Burgess line may derive from John's family (the likeliest possibility), or they may both have a common ancestor in early Virginia or in the British Isles.

Genealogists have long disputed whether or not Joshua Burgess, mentioned in the will of William Burgess of Franklin Co., AL, was his son. We now have a result from a branch of this family descended from William's known wife, Agnes Partain, and it matches the numbers of Joshua's line. Joshua was either William's son by a first wife, or some other close direct-male line relation.

In addition, we have a new match for Col. William Burgess of Anne Arundel Co., MD, the first to descend from his youngest son, Dr. Charles Burgess. This test is also being enchanced to confirm the match.

We continue to flesh out the major Burgess lines, with three matches for Achilles Burgess of Wake Co., NC, 12 matches for Thomas Burgess of Bedford Co., MA, five matches for the four families centered around Ralph Burges(s) of Cheshire Co., England, two matches for John Burgess of Derbyshire Co., England, three matches for John Burgess of Henry Co., VA and Green Burgess of Williamson Co., TN, four matches for Col. William Burgess of Anne Arundel Co., MD, two matches for John Burgess of Rutherford Co., NC and David Burgess of Hardeman Co., TN, two matches for Thomas Burgess Sr. of Scott Co., KY and John R. Burgess of Clay Co., AL, nine matches for the combined lines of Edward Burgess of Pittsylvania Co., VA, William Burgess of Montgomery Co., MD, and Samuel H. Burgess of Calhoun Co., FL, 17 matches for the combined families of William Burgess of King George Co., VA, William Burgess of Bedford Co., VA, Charles Tucker Burgess of Wilson Co., TN, and Joseph A. Davidson of Platte Co., MO, four matches for the combined lines of Thomas Burgess of Orange and Pittsylvania Cos., VA, Warren Burgess of Van Buren Co., AR, and John Burgess of Union Co., SC, three matches for Sparrell Edward Burgess (youngest son of Keziah Burgess) of Sebastian Co., AR, four matches each for two Scottish families named Burgar and Burgess, three links between a descendant of Armstead Burgess (Keziah's oldest son) and the Hale family, and one match between a Burgess line and a descendant of the MacManus clan in Ireland.

Not bad for a Project that's just two years old!

I want to urge all Project participants who haven't already done so to change the default settings on their personal pages at Family Tree DNA to match their data with the entire FT DNA database--and also to upload their data to YSearch. If you don't know how to do this, please contact me directly, and I'll be happy to help.

It's clear from several recent results that we need to enhance as many records as possible to 37 markers. We lost one apparent random match at 25 markers when we enhanced to 37; I'm told that we could also gain several matches by doing more enhancements. Again, Mary and I stand as the bank of last resort for the Project--if no other option is available, we'll fund any test or enhancement that we think will advance the Project.

Thanks to all of you for participating in the Burgess DNA Project, and also for your many kind notes and phone calls. They're much appreciated.

All best:

Michael Burgess

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